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Download Stretchin The Lead - Ol Ugly - Mule Talk By A Jackass (CD, Album)

Label: Not On Label (Ol Ugly Self-released) - none • Format: CD Album • Country: Canada • Genre: Non-Music, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Spoken Word, Country, Folk

But Billy Joel's original is better. Frschoonover5 October UTC. So, Billy ended up recording it himself. This made the recording of 'Baby Grand' with Ray all the sweeter. Her version can be heard on her Streisand Superman album.

I think that she did a fantastic job on the song. It's a wonder that she never released it as a single. It would have been a hit if she did.

Don't get me wrong,I am not a huge fan of hers but I do like her cover of the song. I think that it is a great cover. I do not know if anybody else covered it but Barbra Streisand's cover is terrific, Stretchin The Lead - Ol Ugly - Mule Talk By A Jackass (CD.

I did a revamp of the discography to be by album rather than by song. I intend to do articles for all the albums that don't already have one, so the individual songs which were here before can go there. Brjaga17 Nov UTC. This made no sense to me: what is the "Red Head"?

Why is it being up for sale related to Joel's engagement? Perhaps this is meaningful, but it needs to stay out until it makes sense. Jgm4 Feb UTC. I added Ludwig van Beethoven to the list of influences. Also, the melody for the chorus of the song "This Life" is taken from the second movement of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. Mariusk3 Dec UTC. The song is actually My Life, if they're talking about the use of 'ode to joy' before he goes into My Life, on the DVD in the 'My Lives' box set, taken from the river of dreams tour in Germany.

Andrew w munro1 July I edited out a sentence about "No Man's Land" demonstrating his rocky relationship with Christie Brinkley.

He was also tricked out of all the royalties of most of his early albums by the shady producer who he linked up with.

That's why, instead of being a billionaire, he has to keep touring to support himself. Shouldn't this stuff be mentioned in the article? He was ripped off, but it's not like he needs to scrounge for food. I'd hardly say he has to tour to survive, he's doing his first European tour in over 10 years.

We all know the big money is in world tours, and so he probably just does the ocassionally American shows because he might actually enjoy playing them, and for a little bit of cash. Hey- I last wrote to Billy Joel about 11 years ago.

I wanted to write to him again but, don't have a current "snail mail" fan club address. Anybody have a clue? Try Maritime Music in the back of the albums, or Sony Music. It'll get there.

This was another Billy, who still lived in Oyster Bay. I have altered the reference accordingly. Rather than having a stub for various songs, why not have them on their album page?

On the album page, there could be a song info section describing the songs. This way it would eliminate a couple of stubs, and add more info to the album pages which don't have much info beyond the track listing.

Also, should there be a page on the new box set coming out called "My Lives"? There is sufficient info for a future page, IMO.

Hurricanehink22 October UTC. I'm going through this article and will eventually have it completed to the point that it should be. There's missing information about Billy going to Russia to perform, and lots of trivia that should be included by album. Feel free to start, I'll chime in when I'm at home and able to think. He has that abrasive tone in his voice when he says, "This is my life Conrad went ballistic when the kids got under his skin, and his voice is very abrasive.

Cedric J. Lessig 14 Dec pm. You seem to be determined to put irrelevant information into this article. I'm not sure how this makes you feel, but most of what you've added to this article under multiple IP addresses has either interrupted the flow of the article, beaten a dead horse yes, Billy got divorced from his first wife, we get itor just been plain wrong. You have said that the whole Innocent Man album is Billy's therapy after his divorce.

It is quite possible that there was some of that left in the well after the actual divorce, but pretty much the entire album was written after he fell in love with Christie Brinkley. Based on the upbeat nature of most of the album, and the fact the words have virtually nothing negative to say about her at all, I cannot understand how you believe this album is focusing on a previous relationship. Lyrics here. But I would like to see some attribution for how it's about being served with papers.

I've followed the man's career since the late '70s and that's a story I have never heard. I'm glad you're interested in contributing. Every contributor to Wikipedia is welcome. However, by posting under multiple IP addresses and continually hitting the same article to get your point across, you're acting like a vandal rather than a contributor.

My suggestion, if you want to be taken seriously, is to register. Then you can have real, civil conversations with other Wikipedians rather than forcefeed articles with information that might be in error. I trust you'll do the right thing.

I'm rolling back your changes, but I hope you'll see this note and take it under advisement. The song that I mentioned was "My Life," which is off the album 52nd Street. I think that song does have to do with the breakup. I removed this sentence for that reason. Perhaps more commerical piano rock, although the two you mentioned were both big, I don't think either have achived sucess as big as Joel and John have found. Well then it would be true to say you can never pinpoint the fathers of any movements, as there may have been people who started it before, yet never made it big enough to have an influence.

I am concerned about this section, since there is no source, and the use of the words "there have been rumors" and many say" sound like weasel words to me. If this is a well known rumor in the music industry, how come no citations could be found by the person Stretchin The Lead - Ol Ugly - Mule Talk By A Jackass (CD wrote this?

I can certainly understand how all of his fans myself included would love this to be true. Under the criticisms heading there is a message declaring that it sounds like an advertisement. I've read through this and can understand how it may be mistaken for an advertisement, but the section doesn't try and sell albums or promote anything. It states the facts surrounding what Billy Joel has done. Does anyone have an alternate view to this? Are you serious? This entire article reads like an advertisement or press release from start to finish, with goofy glowing non-neutral POV endorsements like:.

The entire article sounds like something written by Joel's press agent, or a really excited fanzine editor. Totally inappropriate for Wikipedia. Great job butchering a fine article. The Piano Man page needs work. I was not able to scan nor to read over any article text that seemed to suggest nor to point out on that why Billy Joel might be an atheist. And I was somewhat interested on how it is he might have come to be an atheist and I wondered if there was a credible and a intelligble trustable source out there who could speak on why Billy Joel might be an atheist.

Summerblynk Yahoo. Shouldn't there be at least a statement and cite about his professed atheism on his wikipedia page before lumping him into the atheist category? However, I really didn't want to get into revising this large of an article, at least not at this time. I'm not a raving fan of Joel's Certainly as a musician, his work should be the focus of the article.

I'm sure citations can be found, at which point the material can be reinserted. Joel has had several car accidents that were reported in the press.

Joel has also experienced challenges with alcohol; he entered the Betty Ford Center in March for treatment of alcohol abuse after what his publicist called "a recent bout of severe gastrointestinal distress". He checked out of the center in April Joel was treated previously for alcoholism in when he spent two weeks at Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut.

I chanced onto this article while Googling some song lyrics, and it was very jarring to see "Alcohol Problems" at the head of the article; as mentioned previously, surely this is an article primarily about Joel as a musician.

Despite comments of NickBurns above, it appears someone has once again put this at the top. I moved it down to the "Personal Life" section. Firstly, I apologise I love Wikipedia, and Billy Joel, and saw the following sentence; had to read it several times before realising there might be the odd word or two missing, and maybe some punctuation could be changed to make it read more smoothly - not a criticism, I know how much hard work goes into all of this and I'm sure everything is a constant work-in-progress.

Anyway, here's what i'm on about. I've no idea about editing techniques, etc. Joel" or "Hey B. Stretchin The Lead - Ol Ugly - Mule Talk By A Jackass (CD there lots of traffic? HOWEVER, who's to say on that specific night whether somebody did or didn't shout to him, so it's surely not really pertinent to this particular story is it, unless it did actually happen and caused a distraction? On April 15'. The 'he managed to stop' and 'he hit the brakes' refer to Cornelia Bynum, who is female, and so should read she.

The 'he managed to stop' is incorrect as he she hit the brakes, and was therefore moving. The ' the red light' and 'through on green' are more correct, as there is only one red and green light, and they refer to the intersection specifically, not intersections in general. He would stop at a traffic light and somebody might shout "Hey Mr. I wouldn't have said anything if it were just grammatical, but I actually couldn't read and understand the sentence at all the first couple of times, due to words missing and it all being one long sentence as well.

Plus the contradictory statements are baffling! Hope I don't sound too critical and feel free to ignore me, berate me for rudeness, and chastise me for putting this in the wrong place? That's his full name, as it appears on the United Artists album called "The Hassles," which was the first of two albums by that group. The second was called, as I recall, "Hour of the Wolf.

While it may have been stated on 'The Hassles' LP the reason why Billy was known Album) at east billed as Billy Joe was because at the time pepole kept forgetting that there was an 'l' at the end of his name. Is it just me, or does somebody need to take a hard, close look at that and see if we can come up with a better photo?

That's a misunderstanding of the term. I could see removal if it isn't properly cited, but your reasoning is wrong. Keltik313 November UTC. Give me a break. Look, I don't mean to be disrespectful, but Jews have some pretty obvious facial features that are more than just a religion.

Do you think people grow curly brown hair, big noses, and unusual voices from simply converting to Judaism? Of course not.

They are obviously a distinct ethnic group within Europe, and this is worthy of being discussed in this article. While it's good people have interest in making articles for the songs, the above, and most of his other song articles, are so short that they are hardly worth keeping. A way to solve both problems would be to include a songs section in the album pages to describe each song a bit - length, inspiration, covers, maybe live performances.

Hurricanehink talk30 January UTC. I don't know if there is a reason for this, but the photo currently in use for BJ is rather pixelized. I think it was stretched because it is small only 4 KB I would definitely consider adding a different photo.

Maybe several because he has looked different over the years. Maybe one from when he had a fro! Sometimesseespeople7 February UTC. This single strip of concrete was considered to be the central nerve of the jazz scene for decades.

The Billy Joel album with it's myriad jazz references, pays tribute to this musical Holy Land not to a street address for Columbia records This should not be glossed over. It at least deserves an album art picture. I'll be editing the sales figure to reflect the diamond status, as indicated by the link to the album's page.

The intro paragraph states that Joel was born in the Bronx, but the main body paragraph on his Early Life states that he was born and raised in Hicksville. So which is it? Billy was born in the Bronx however at a young age his Parents moved to Hicksville Long Island where he spent his childhood.

This seems pretty dubious to me--the Beatles performed in Yankee Stadium sometime in the mid's. Does anyone have a citation? I stand corrected--the Beatles played at Shea in It still seems a little unusual that Billy Joel was first. Not sure where this might go. Not even sure if it's relevent. I own the piano he played in the "Live From Long Island" video.

Could somebody please fix this to whichever is appropriate? Steevm27 April UTC. In the Complete Billy Joel collection's interview with him he says that he is an atheist, that maybe should be added. In March he checked into the Betty Ford Center, where he spent 30 days. Famously, when he was in the depths of alcohol abuse, he would mutter phrases such as "you want a slise of sweet joel pie dont you baby yeah. Is there a citation for this?

Critic16 July UTC. Someone decided to put a lot of innapropriate words on this page so i think i got most of them off, if you see anything else please remove it.

Kriscott11 November UTC. The link for this Hicksville High School is the incorrect link. Mt Uncle went to high school with Joel.

I should try to upload his Joel's yearbook photo. Following several discussions in past yearsthese subpages are now deprecated. The comments may be irrelevant or outdated; if so, please feel free to remove this section. Provides a well-written, reasonably clear and complete description of the topic, as described in How to write a great article as much as the existence of reputable sources allow it.

It should be of a length suitable for the subject, with a well-written introduction and an appropriate series of headings to break up the content. It should have sufficient external literature references, preferably from the "hard" peer-reviewed where appropriate literature rather than websites.

Should be well illustrated, with no copyright problems. At the stage where it could at least be considered for featured article status, corresponds to the "Wikipedia 1.

No editors involved in the writing of an article should self-assess their article at this level. Best venue for achieving this class is to request a Peer review.

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