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View Wishlist. Cart 0. Written by Martin Aston. Four decades of deviation with post-punk trailblazers Wire. Martin Aston. More by Martin Aston. Tags: 4AD post-punk punk wire.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Boys in the Trees by Carly Simon. Boys in the Trees by Carly Simon. Don't miss it. Composer and Lyricist. Feminist Icon. Simon's memoir reveals her remarkable life, beginning with her storied childhood as the third daughter of Richard L.

The memoir recalls a childhood enriched by music and culture, but also one shrouded in secrets that would eventually tear her family apart.

Simon brilliantly captures moments of creative inspiration, the sparks of songs, and the stories behind writing "Anticipation" and "We Have No Secrets" among many others. Romantic entanglements with some of the most famous men of the day fueled her confessional lyrics, as well as the unraveling of her storybook marriage to James Taylor.

Get A Copy. Hardcoverpages. More Details Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Boys in the Treesplease sign up. What about life after ? I was interested in learning what has happened to her?

See 1 question about Boys in the Trees…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Start your review of Boys in the Trees. Nov 27, Jennifer rated it liked it Shelves: coffee-books-challengememoirbookclub. Way too much time is spent on the mundane, while unique and interesting stories i. Jackie Robinson teaching her to bat left-handed; Benny Goodman coming to dinner are covered with passing phrases.

Her story came most alive for me when she began writing about her first real foray into songwriting and performing as a solo artist. I loved reading about the inspiration behind her songs.

The short chapter on Warren Beatty is pure gold. Simon holds nothing back in this memoir. She candidly shares her struggles with depression, anxiety, stage fright, as well as the deep feelings of her heart. The chapters describing her life with James Taylor are laced with sadness now that we know how it all ends up. View all 43 comments. This time I was determined to start at the beginning and keep on, keeping on. It worked. I vividly remember thinking when I first heard her song, You're so vain, that it fit many of the young men who thought they were God's gifts to women.

She narrates her own story, and I enjoyed her husky voice. The reason I kept putting it aside is that the beginning, her younger years, seemed to go on and on. I've now decided to 3.

I've now decided to listen to some of the audio books I have bought and left languishing in my audio account, exactly where this was, patiently waiting.

I give her credit for her honesty, she recounts many of her encounters, sexual or not of many of the rich and famous, iincluding Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty.

Her life has certainly not been boring, nor easy. Her music career didn't get off the ground right away, but had several starts and stops, like me with this audio.

Still, where has the time gone, these icons of my youth, Carly now in her seventies. Well time definitely does not stop, and I ended up appreciating her story, and enjoyed her singing in parts.

View all 12 comments. It was pieced together based on her personal diaries with seemingly amazing accuracy, Lights In The Trees - It Hugs Back - The Record Room: First Four Singles (CD). Her stories are told from the Lights In The Trees - It Hugs Back - The Record Room: First Four Singles (CD), revealing intimate details and giving new meaning to her songs.

I also enjoyed her amusing anecdotes of some of the famous men she encountered in her life: Sean Connery, Jack Nicholson, and Mick Jagger to name a few, but also the infamous Warren Beatty- a juicy story that was well worth the anticipation. And speaking of, what a great story behind that song! The whole demise of her marriage to James Taylor was just sad. I admire her for writing such an honest memoir with what must have taken a lot of courage. It made me sad when it ended, but it hit all the right notes.

View all 31 comments. Dec 01, Al rated it it was amazing. If you were a child of the Seventies, the music of Carly Simon was part of the soundtrack of your life.

And since she wrote or co-wrote most of her own music, her albums were barometers of her happiness or sadness, her ups and downs from adolescent struggles to adult loves. Fans read probably too much into the lyrics of her songs and those of her then husband James Taylor. It was the beginning of a beat to a bigger life.

The publicity for the book may have centered on the famous men Simon loved, but that misses out on the central theme of the book—that she has had a remarkable career while dealing with stuttering, anxiety and self-doubt all her life.

The confident image Simon projected through songs and publicity was far different from the woman struggling to raise two small children while her famous husband fought addiction.

In the meantime, enjoy this feast for fans of her music. Highly recommended. View 2 comments. Shelves: audible-or-audiobookbiography-memoir-essays. Based on a friends suggestion I tried the audio version which Carly narrates. Her voice and cadence is perfect for unveiling her personal tales, after all, nobody does it better than the author herself.

There are also layers of music in the background over particular sections. This was a really nice touch, though in some parts it was a bit too loud and competed with her soft spoken voice.

I downloaded the au 3. I downloaded the audiobook from Overdrive and the sound quality was lacking. I do not know if Carly is wholly responsible for this or if she had help, but it was well done. She is a celebrity's daughter, a celebrity's ex-wife, and a celebrity in her own right so there is a lot of name dropping throughout the pages. I enjoyed the second half much more. As promised from another friend, the chapter with Warren Beatty was just too good; I laughed out loud on my walk.

Later, it was very poignant listening to her lovely phrasing as she talked about the decline of her marriage to James Taylor, her depression and anxiety, the love for their children. Carly begins with her earliest childhood and takes us through the end of her times with James the first. What is not covered here is what came after; the twenty year marriage to James the second and its end after he came out as a gay man. View all 18 comments. Nov 17, Chrissie rated it it was ok Shelves: audibleartsusaphilo-psycholbioreadreturned.

I picked up this book because I enjoyed James Taylor's music back in the 60s and 70s. Carly Simon was married to James Taylor from to I also enjoyed Carly's singing. The one I remember best is of course You're So Vain. I thought this would be a trip down memory lane. It was that a bit, but it is much more of a look at Carly's own personal experiences - her stuttering, her parents' difficult marriage, the early death of her father who was the co-founder of the publishing house Simon an I picked up this book because I enjoyed James Taylor's music back in the 60s and 70s.

It was that a bit, but it is much more of a look at Carly's own personal experiences - her stuttering, her parents' difficult marriage, the early death of her father who was the co-founder of the publishing house Simon and Schuster and how she established herself in the music industry. It is also about her marriage to James Taylor. The last half of the book centers on their marriage.

You only get her thoughts. It is a very personal book. It is certainly not in any way a biography of James Taylor. The book ends with the end of their marriage, that is to say it covers half of her life.

She married a second time. Nothing of that is here. I found her childhood years the most interesting, the first half of the book being better than the second. I didn't understand that the main focus would be her personal philosophical musings on love and happiness or her battle to overcome stuttering, depression and her feelings of inadequacy.

There is information about how her songs came to be; how what happened in her life became this song or that. There are tidbits about many of the singers of those times; she was in the thick of it all.

Names are dropped right and left. Because she associated with them. Drugs and infidelity and love. For me, much read as gossip tidbits. Always you have to keep in mind that this is what she thought.

Parts were tedious; I would have preferred better editing. There is background music played throughout the entire audiobook. This was used to create an atmosphere rather than provide information. By the end I was terribly sick of it. The same snippets were used over and over, often as schmaltzy background music to a love scene. IF music is to be used throughout I certainly don't want it played while I am listening to the text. Instead I would have preferred that after a song is discussed that song could then have been played in its entirety or at least a large portion of it.

The book was OK, but nothing special. I did enjoy the narration by the author. I love her husky voice. This is quite an accomplishment for a woman who still today battles her stuttering.

I have listened to about half: I don't consider any of the information below to be a spoiler. Music is such a strong force in the lives of Carly Simon and her family.

Music is played throughout the entire audiobook. This is not really surprising if you take into account who she is. Through singing she found a means to fight her stuttering.

Who would have guessed! What you hear are not her "songs". Instead music is used as a means to create an atmosphere for the spoken words. It is a bit too loud sometimes, but it is an interesting approach and gives a special effect. It can get sentimental. Music can do that to you! At the beginning the music is too loud. This becomes less of a problem later. I am a bit neurotic about such. Then there is the content.

It is sort of a road down memory lane, but is also about her personal family and psychological problems. I personally would never consider it worthwhile to write a book about ME. Outstanding people's memoirs I do like, and this is kind of fun, but is there really a need for this book?!

I think it is more for her than for us. So far there is very little about James Taylor, which is one of the reasons I picked up the book. You must know he was her first husband. There is a lot about the string of all her boyfriends. Carly is now in her mids and is just beginning to make a name for herself without her older sister Lucy. There is a lot of name dropping.

It's most likely an indie song. There's guitar in the background. If anyone has any idea what this is please help. Hey im looking for a song. In the music video there was a roboter who was running thru a desert Greentings. Hi im looking for the name of a song i heard in sports direct, the first part has the lyrics are you afraid of the dark the chorus has the lyrics heres one for the lonely hearts, run now run now anywhere, truth or dare and look the other way thats all i can remember.

Heard a song and I managed to Lights In The Trees - It Hugs Back - The Record Room: First Four Singles (CD) a huge chunk of the lyrics but couldn't find it anywhere on google the lyrics are "and i see you now try to wear me out and i see you now trying to break me down and i see you now gonna fix it somehow" Does anyone know it???? I need help does anyone know a song that in the begining has probably a black guy singing "umbali umbali pause umbali umbali" its a famous song but I cant remember.

I'm trying to find a song it was on tubidy in and titled make a move by afrojack but I can't find it Thank God that it's all over, what the hell was I even thinking anyways.

No I don't want you to come over, don't wanna hear another word you got to say, but you can miss me with that. Keep it all to yourself At it sounds like the lyrics are "and I'm on the road I really need help looking for a song. A woman sang "cause you got a" I don't know if she said "rough heart" or "work hard" before the sick beat drop, and she was repeating that same line throughout the drop but the drop is rather short imo.

I heard this song somewhere but I can't find it anywhere and I loved it. Please I seriously need help! Fully autos ima run it right back. I thought I knew the girl group but still coming up empty handed Ring a ring roses round and round, Sweet talking and romantic games. Ring a ring a roses dance in circles, Absolutely up to no good.

Come on now, try it on me, Don't you think I'm better than that. I don't know what's going on, But I really think Honey you got it all wrong. Now it's just a pack of lies, Anyone can see the??? I don't know why you take it so far, Do you really think that you can keep me in the dark. I'm looking for a song that used to play in the store I worked in all the time.

It was a male voice. Up tempo. Any leads would be so appreciated!! The song is sing by a man and a woman. I remember only the chorus "it's my life and i give it to you". Thank you by advance for your help. Song that goes like this ''you don't need nobody to make you feel like a special somebody you be diamond o you be gem and your grace they can't comphrend. I am looking for a song that I heard in the radio, I wasnt able to see the name but I remember the lyrics "When my Daddy said your a little star, when my daddy oh dont you cry" or somethong like that.

Someone mind helping out, would be awesome! Who is the artist of I wanna get closer, closer to your love, that's chorus, It possibly was in the 70s or80s. Hi thnx, I tried AL jarreu, I am fanatic of the artist, then I tried 7 other videos of different artist, no go at all, kind regards, nothing on that song, I have a short recording, few seconds only I was at a supermarket, the last I listen to that song was when I was a youngster, I collect old songs but I just can't get this one, I have short recording only.

I'm looking for a song with the lyrics "this ain't wwe you cant take my belt" its rap that's all I can tell you. Lights In The Trees - It Hugs Back - The Record Room: First Four Singles (CD) I'm looking for an aesthetic Lights In The Trees - It Hugs Back - The Record Room: First Four Singles (CD) chill song but with a good beat.

The song I heard was sung by a woman and included lyrics like "you make me feel like home" or "I feel like home with you" and "now we have a daughter" Really hoping you all can help me with the name of this song.

It's a dancey tune and includes the lyrics just gotta tell you that I do appreciate you and everything that you do for me. Id do anything for my love And has the word shamrock in it with a female singer aswel. Can anyone help? I'm looking for a song, the singer is male and it was hacking a lyrics like "the windows open, windows, windows open but i'm still down in here yo are lose caannon".

It's queen of mean from desendants three! And I know that because of this site! I am looking for a song that goes like this 'this is the world it moving it is feeling. You can hear it on episode 6 at time mark. I need help finding the title please! Can someone please tell me the song where the lyrics are all twisted and the Lights In The Trees - It Hugs Back - The Record Room: First Four Singles (CD) says he will give whoever can decipher them 50, dollars????

Can anybody help me finding this song? I only remember some parts. It goes like "Oh, Oh baby, it all comes to me" with a rather high pitched voice.

There's the sound of crackling fire between the oh baby and all comes to me. Hey I been searching for a song for 7 years no luck but I hope you guys can help me. Thanks to anyone who tried or is trying.

Hi everyoneplease can anyone help with finding a song on the 7th episode of get even show on Netflixon the of the episode the song was playing on the background and the lyrics was like " beneath the cloud that say you I'm trying to find an early 70's country music Vietnam war song; These three men were different, like daylight is to dark, and each one loved America with all his heart; College Joe the black man and Ole Tennessee.

Im looking for a song! Its a dancey song! Has a Female Vocalist, Lyrics might be slightly off, goes like "Eeeeeeevryyyydaaaaaaaaaayy, I'll do what you want, I'll do what you need,wherever you need me". Hello, I'm trying to look for a song that I've heard once and instantly liked but didn't know the title. The beginning goes something like "don't you see I'm perfect, they don't know me" and then a guy starts a little later with "when I saw you, I was weak but you saw something in me and I made you trust me".

Looking for a song that has these lyrics I heard you sayin to be happy now; hi how you doin? It's an upbeat song, kind of like a gay anthem or maybe just plain club song back in the day. It is sung by a woman and she says something along the lines like " Looking for a song that just stuck in my head but google won't find me the name of it.

I'n unable to recall a single full sentence, only fragments. Please help, I feel like I won't rest until I find it.


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  1. It Hugs Back: Lights In The Trees It Hugs Back: The Record Room: First Four Singles Sell This Version: 2 versions: Miscellaneous: SANDS It Hugs Back: Record Room Two ‎ (CD, Ltd) Safe & Sound Records: SANDS UK: Sell This Version: SANDS It Hugs Back: The Big E.
  2. The Record Room, a compilation of It Hugs Back's singles, appeared later that spring. The band's official debut album, Inside Your Guitar, arrived a year later on 4AD. In , Simms also became a guitarist with art punk legends Wire. It Hugs Back continued releasing EPs and online material in the years between their proper albums.
  3. It Hugs Back: Lights In The Trees (Demo Ep) It Hugs Back: The Record Room: First Four Singles 2 バージョン: Miscellaneous: SANDS It Hugs Back: Record Room Two ‎ (CD, Ltd) Safe & Sound Records: SANDS UK: このバージョンを出品: SANDS
  4. Nov 11,  · It Hugs Back's first four singles were collected up in April on The Record Room, which was issued on CD and in a limited-edition canvas bag, but can also be downloaded right here at EMusic. Highly recommended. Here's the A-side to its first single, the sold-out "Lights In The Trees," which was initially released by Too Pure in October
  5. MP3 CD $ 4 New from $ A Publishers Weekly Best Book of Back. The Three-Body Problem Cixin Liu. out of 5 stars 3, Paperback. $ "The Red: First Light is a gripping exploration of the human and technological aspects of next-generation warfare. What sets the story apart is its ability to address the human level of.
  6. Hundreds of millions of singles were sold every year in the 60s, and while there was a great deal more million-sellers back then, there were also a many more records released.
  7. Jasmine 06 September Reply. recently heard a song but i can't find it anywhere, it's sung by a dude with a somewhat deeper voice. the song is a bit on the more depressing side, i think dealing with some darker themes of sadness? i don't know what genre it the song is moderate-fast paced, smoother with no one instrument playing higher above others, the guy in it is sing-talking over it.
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